How to embed a video

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How to embed a video

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:28 am

Embedding a video

I am passing on instructions on embedding a video, as I learned the hard way !!!!

1....Open a new response form

2....Look along the icons at the top and click on the film strip that looks like a ladder

3....Box opens with YouTube, Daily Motion and Google.... click to select

4....Find the clip you want to share...highlight the url on right hand side of page

5....Press control and C together

6....Go back to the forum response form and in the box click , press control + V together

7....Press ok and send....Dont panic if you press preview and it comes up as code... when you send
.... it comes up as your clip

8....Go back to where you found your clip on youtube etc and click to remove highlighting

.........................JOB DONE .................................

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Alternative to embedding instructions

Post  numptyz on Mon May 17, 2010 6:26 am

As we can no longer embed videos from places like you tube, here are some easy alternatives...
I have been using method 2 which is very easy and very successful....

The BBcode supports several methods to create links, most commonly known as URLs.

First method, to create for an example a link to you must use :

Visit !Result : Visit !.
You'll notice that the link opens a new window, by this way the user can still browse the forums if he wants to.

Second method, if you want the link to display directly the URL :

Code: :

Third method, this forum owns a functionality called 'Magic Links', that will convert automatically an URL into a clickable link, without needing to insert a BBCode tag nor http://. For an example, by typing
www.forumotion.comin your message, it will be automatically converted into a link :

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