Quests 81 - 148

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Quests 81 - 148

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Quest 81:
3rd Emperor's quest

Hedgerow Ville's streets are in a miserable state. Only last week, a bus-load of gnomes has vanished in a pot-hole! As emperor, it is your duty, to take care of your subjects' well-being. Your Road Construction Office is estimating an amount of 600,000.00 gnome Bucks to repair the damages. By the way, advertising your coffee has paid off. The gnomes now love coffee!

Deliver 600,000.00 gB for the maintenance of Hedgerow Ville' roads.

Quest 82:
4th Emperor's quest

You have succeeded in sensitizing your Gnome's taste-buds to the joys of coffee. Actually, they may even be a bit too crazy about it… Who would have thought! The supermarket and the market place have been completely cleaned off, and there hasn't been a new delivery for days now. Green Valley without coffee! Revolution is lurking just around the corner… Start growing new coffee immediately, so your customers can refresh themselves. Your empire needs at least 42,500 coffee beans. As soon as you have solved this problem, we need to take care of our nutcracker-production.

Deliver 42,500 coffee-beans, to calm down your people.

Quest 83:
5th Emperor's quest

Many of your subjects have started making their money by producing nutcrackers. Unfortunately, nuts have become so expensive in the meantime, that the selling of nutcrackers has seriously stagnated. The poor gnomes are out of work, and have no idea how to spend all of their free time. Supply the market with walnuts, so nutcrackers are in demand again. 45,000 walnuts should to the trick.

Deliver 45,000 walnuts, to crank up the selling of nutcrackers.

Quest 84:
6th Emperor's quest

Oh mighty Emperor, the spectre of inflation is threatening our empire! If we don't do anything now, all our gnomes will in the end have to suffer. We should found a bank, to watch over the financial market. Your financial adviser John Greenbucks has cooked up a cunning plan, and plans to buy shares in order to calm the system. So he can start, however, he needs 1.500.000.00 gB. If you manage to fight this ghastly inflation, your people will honour you with a medal.

Pay 1,500.000.00 gB, to found a bank and fight inflation. Your efforts will be awarded with a medal for you display-garden.

Quest 85:
7th Emperor's quest

Our fertilizer-producers are on strike! The beautiful gardens are in serious danger of withering, if the gnomes cannot get a hold of new fertilizer soon. Fortunately the leaders of the local fertilizer-union are pretty vain. You might be able to convince them to stop this strike, by sending them 125,000 lilies, 18,500 orchids and 225,000 roses. Then we can finally continue watching our favorite show "The Amazing Garden", without having to worry about our own gardens.

Deliver 125,000 lilies, 18,500 orchids and 225,000 roses, to end the strike of Hedgerow Ville's fertilizer-producers.

Quest 86:
8th Emperor's quest

Every Wednesday night, all of Green Valley's inhabitants are sitting in front of their TVs these days, to watch the popular show "The Amazing Garden". The show, hosted by Bill Flowflan, is presenting the most picturesque corners of our beautiful country. Mr. Flowflan has now sent you a letter, in wich he asked if it might be possible to show your imperial garden. Your chamberlain, caught off guard, was quite displeased… Send him 22,500 lavenders and olive-trees, to beautify your garden.

Deliver 22,500 lavenders and 22,5000 olive-trees to your chamberlain, in order to beautify your garden for the popular show "The Amazing Garden".

Quest 87:
9th Emperor's quest

The Queen of Calagala is honoring the Empire with a visit. Unfortunately, the noble lady is known for her sophisticated taste. She will only accept the best of the best. That's why your ambassador is having an entire hotel refurbished. The hotel's garden, however, still lacks a bit of style and ambiance. Purchase one slide, one stone-circle, two sitting-areas and one zen-garden, to help make the garden meet the Queen's high standards.

Purchase one slide, one stone-circle, two sitting-areas and one zen-garden, to beautify the hotel's the garden for the Queen's visit.

Quest 88:
10th Emperor's quest

Oh mighty Emperor, a plague of rabbits is menacing the Molehill Empire1! The furry ferrets have started munching your people's vegetables straight out of their gardens. Fortunately the pied piper of Mammlin has offered to lead the animals away from your people's fields. He has developed a special carrot-bait, the rabbits simply cannot resist. Deliver him 7 million carrots, so he can get going. A citizens' initiative has already started building a high-security cage for the rabbits' leader, Master Hare.

Deliver 7,000,000 carrots, to end the rabbit-plague. The pied piper has promised to return with a proof of his success.

Quest 89:
11th Emperor's quest

Your last law, forbidding the trade of fighting moles has enraged shady Al Gardone. He is now threatening to let all his moles loose in your imperial gardens, as soon as the law has been passed. We should put an end to this, and employ a towns watchman, so he can keep an eye on Al. His training is a bargain, it will cost a you a mere 1,000,001.00 gB.

Deliver 1,000,001.00 gB to the city council, so they can start training a town's watchman, to keep Al Gardone in check.

Quest 90:
12th Emperor's quest

Your lordship, our researchers have started an amazing project. We are going to send a gnome to the moon! Your name will most certainly end up in the history-books, and all other countries will envy our success. We have discovered, that pulverized coffee makes for an excellent rocket-fuel. Deliver 72,000 coffee-beans to the GNASA, so they can launch the rockets.

Deliver 72,000 coffee-beans for the production of rocket-fuel, so the GNASA can send the first gnome to the moon.

Quest 91:
13th Emperor's quest

After the successful rocket-launch, the gnomes are planning to introduce a special public holiday in your honour. We are planning a great summer party with band, barbecue and dancing. Unfortunately we aren't sure yet, who is going to deliver the snacks. Please be so kind and participate by sending in 55,555 red cabbages, 12,500 olives, 25,000 cherries and 15,000 plums.

Deliver 55,555 red cabbages, 12,500 olives, 25,000 cherries and 15,000 plums, so the gnomes won't run out of snacks during the summer-party.

Quest 92:
14th Emperor's quest

Football fever has broken out in Green Valley! Your Empire has the honour of being the venue of this year's Gnome-Championships. Thousands of spectators have traveled to Green Valley, to watch the games and cheer for the competing teams. In order to cater for the visitors, we need 65,000 pumpkins, 135,000 asparagus, 45,555 apples and 33,333 cherries. Hopefully it'll be worth it and we will win the cup! As host, you can be certain of the gnomes' praise and gratitude, and look forward to a replication of the "Golden Ball", that the tourney's winner will receive.

Deliver 65,000 pumpkins, 135,000 asparagus, 45,555 apples and 33,333 cherries, to cater for the championship's visitors. As a reward, you will receive a golden card for your display garden.

Quest 93:
15th Emperor's quest

Oh Emperor! because our beautiful country has been so successful during the championships, it is going to be admitted to the UMO! That would be the ideal platform to distribute our message of peace and garden-beautification to the world. So that a majority of UMO-members will support our application, we need 2,500,000.00 gB.

Deliver 2,500,000.00 gB, to convince the UMO-council of your memberships importance.

Quest 94:

Master, as you know, there has been a regular baby boom in Green Valley during the past few years. Now the little tykes want to be entertained, but all playgrounds are already overflowing. Will you, in your infinite wisdom as Emperor donate 2 slides and a sand-box? Bright and happy child-eyes and 333,333 points shall be your reward!

Donate two slides and a sand-box for 333,333 points.

Quest 95:

After the enormous success of Peter Sweetgnome's novel "The fragrant Perfume", the inhabitants of Green Valley have decided to turn the book into a movie. Of course they also want to show the impressive fields of lavender described by the author, but alas, the amateur-gardeners's meagre crops won't suffice… A task worthy of only a true Molehill Emperor! How about delivering 50,000 plants of lavender to the movie-crew? You will be rewarded with 200,000.00 gB, plus a free screening!

Deliver 50,000 plants of lavender for 200,000.00 gB.

Quest 96:
Scary thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Green Valley! This time the inhabitants have come up with a truly special idea: Edible scare-crows. These are supposed to consist of cauliflower, cucumbers and pumpkins, but they still lack a few ingredients. Your chance, to show your goodwill to your busy people! Deliver 7,500 pumpkins, and you will receive 150,000 points.

Deliver 7,500 pumpkins for 150,000 points.

Quest 97:
Model sizes

Oh great Molehill Emperor! After the designers Amarmi's last fashion parade, the beauty craze has once again caught Green Valley. Instead of doing researches, all the female gnomes are doing, is calculate their food's calories and fat-content. So they start enjoying their food once again, we would like to produce a delicious walnut-berry-mush with plums. They won't be able to resist it. Could you possibly support us by providing us with 50,000 walnuts, 44,000 plums, 25,000 raspberries and 25,000 blackberries? You will receive 1,500,000.00 gB as reward for your help.

Deliver 50,000 walnuts, 44,000 plums, 25,000 raspberries and 25,000 blackberries for 1,500,000.00 gB.

Quest 98:
Princess and the walnut

A fair maiden has recently come to town, claiming she is the famous princess featured in the story "The Princess and the pea". The gnomes of Green Valley are amazed. Her identity being in doubt, they decided to prove it's really her. She still hasn't felt the pea, even after a bucketful of peas had been secretly poured under her mattresses. Now the gnomes would like you to deliver 11,111 walnuts. After all, the poor girl's reputation is at stake here. Would you do them the favor? They will reward you with 111,111 points.

Deliver 11,111 walnuts for 111,111 points.

Quest 99:

Oh great Emperor! Downtown's Casino is out of Martini-olives. How unfortunate! Trustingly, the management decided to contact you, hoping you might use your powers to help them out of this pickle. So the gangsters and cool blondes can once again enjoy a glass of cool Martini, stirred or shaken, they are asking you for 120,000 olives, and are willing to pay you 500,000.00 gB.

Deliver 120,000 olives for 500,000.00 gB.

Quest 100:
Popway's muscles

The famous main-character of the new series "Popway" is scheduled to appear on this year's comic-fair. Afraid his muscles might deflate like a pierced balloon, he feeds solely on spinach. Unfortunately Green Valley's gnomes have used up the entire crop of spinach during their last spinach-feast. Of course we don't want the great film-star to suffer from hunger. Would you care to donate 1,000,000 plants of spinach for this good cause? The inhabitants of Green Valley will send you a slide to thank you for your help.

Deliver 1,000,000 spinach-plants for a slide.

Quest 101:

Oh great Emperor, the chefs of updinner are in despair! Their vegetable-supplier was unable to deliver the ingredients for veggie-burgers and now they are left sitting on their empty pots, with no idea how to go on. Can you help them out? They need 200,000 broccoli, 140,000 potatoes, 777,777 cloves of garlic and 420,000 tomatoes. You will be rewarded with 1,000,000 points.

Deliver 200,000 broccoli, 140,000 potatoes, 777,777 cloves of garlic and 420,000 tomatoes for 1,000,000 points.

Quest 102:

Unbelievable! The neighboring emperor seems to suffer of a complete overestimation of his own capabilities! He honestly claims to be the unchallenged potato-king. Show him what it really means to be a Molehill Emperor! Defend our honor and deliver 2,8000,000 potatoes to the market place. You will receive 480,000.00 gB in return. After all, this is a matter of honor for Green Valley and Hedgerow Ville!

Deliver 2,800,000 potatoes for 480,000.00 gB.

Quest 103:

Presentina has had a great idea: Instead of marzipan-pigs, why not create marzipan-fruits for a change? To make sure these are just like the real thing, she is asking for donations of fruits and vegetables. Knowing her, she will probably eat the objects after each marzipan-veggie/fruit. Who can blame her – the vegetables are after all, exceptionally tasty. However, this means she will need a huge load of vegetables and fruits. As modern and open-minded Emperor, why don' you support her with 200,000 peppers, 200,000 potatoes, 200,000 apples and 200,000 plums? Presentina will reward you with 3,500,000 points!

Deliver 200,000 peppers, 200,000 potatoes, 200,000 apples and 200,000 plums for 3,500,000 points.

Quest 104:
Snow White

A few days ago 7 strange dwarves made their way to Green Valley, asking for all the kingdom's apples. They seem to fear that a certain black-haired maiden of distinguished paleness might go on clean-up strike. She refuses to live on anything but fresh apples, and has threatened to stop cleaning up and doing the dishes, should her daily supply of apples ever be threatened. Of course, only a true Emperor will be up to this task. The dwarves are asking for 1,000,000 apples and will pay you 1,500,000.00 gB.

Deliver 1,000,000 apples for 1,500,000.00 gB.

Quest 105:
How sad!

Oh great Emperor! Terrible tidings! Green Valley's favorite actress is in love, and all she does is smile these days. Needless to see we are all happy for her, but the touching, tearful scenes for her next action-drama are threatening to turn out an utter mess: She is simply unable to cry! A load of onions should do the trick, and after all the screenplay promises an exceptionally sad movie. Can you provide us with 500,750 onions, please? The inhabitants of Green Valley are already looking forward to this movie, and have chipped in: You will receive 200,000 points as reward!

Deliver 500,750 onions for 200,000 points.

Quest 106:
Countless Count

Green Valley in terror: The sinister Count has stopped counting! So we can occupy him for a little while longer, we urgently need enough carrots, to be rid of him for the next years. Can you help us, oh mighty emperor? If someone can, it's you! Please send us 82,896,475 carrots as quickly as possible. Not having to live in fear anymore… a dream we would reward with an additional garden.

Deliver 82,896,475 carrots for an additional garden.

Quest 107:

Dr. Pressed is just looking for some products which he needs for his new commercial for his unique toothbrush. The actors in the commercial will eat your products and afterwards brush their teeth in front of the camera. In the commercial he wants to show how effectively you get rid of dental plaque caused by vegetables and fruits by using his perfect toothbrush.

Deliver 276,000 heads of lettuce, 710 apples, 1,000 grapes and 44,100 tomatoes for a reduction of 30 minutes on the growth-time of your zucchinis.

Quest 108:

We want to undertake an expedition to unknown parts of the adjacent valley. There are still undeveloped regions. For this enterprise, we need supplies and plants for a test cultivation. Can you provide the required quantities?
Deliver 2,200 zucchini, 540 lemons, 13,900 lemons and 2,700 raspberries for 34,200 points.

Quest 109:
Mother's visiting

Tomorrow my mother is going to visit me with some of her friends. I had invited her for dinner last week. However, I do not know at all how I will manage to satisfy the guests and get 500 people filled up.

Deliver 4,100 peppers, 730 cherries, 1,300 pumpkins and 480 plums for a reduction of growth time of 30 minutes on your mirabelles.

Quest 110:
Healthy food

The school's principal in Green Valley would like to offer his pupils healthier lunch in the cafeteria. However, he is still looking for a supplier who can deliver the demanded amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Deliver 1,400 grapes, 540 mirabelles, 5,300 red currants and 450 walnuts for 42,900 points.

Quest 111:

For the study of a new drug against tall dwarfs, the local pharmaceutical companies need some raw material which contains essential active substances. Since we are talking about medicine here, the quality of the goods has to be consistently high, otherwise they will be worthless for the scientists.

Deliver 560 pears, 3,300 asparagus, 5,200 blueberries and 5,800 broccoli for a reduction of growth time of 15 minutes on your cauliflower.

Quest 112:

The students of the university in Green Valley would like to experiment on flowers in their gardens. They want to cross flowers and vegetables and look at the result. They are particularly interested in crossing flowers and the cauliflower…

Deliver 9,100 cauliflowers, 9,800 roses, 14,300 crocuses and 11,400 gerberas for 48,000 points.

Quest 113:
Souvenirs and presents

Some tourists have spent their vacation in our lovely Green Valley and were so inspired by our town that they want to take some local products with them and give them to their friends and relatives. In order to do this, they need flowers and other things, as souvenirs. Maybe you can help them?

Deliver 6,300 garlic, 21,500 sunflowers, 410 olives and 8,100 tulips for a reduction of the growth time of 30 minutes on your red cabbages.

Quest 114
Textile Dyes

The finely woven textiles made of roots are a real bestseller outside of Green Valley. In order to expand the range of products, the textiles are now available in various colours. However, dyes are needed. If you could give us some of the ingredients we would be very grateful!

Deliver 73,500 tomatoes, 820 lemons, 20,900 onions and 2,000 red cabbages for 51,400 points.

Quest 115:
Party time

The citizens of Green Valley and the neighbouring towns have spontaneously decided to have a party this night. There is no special occasion. Nevertheless, everybody wants the party to be a great one and, therefore, lots of products are needed.

Deliver 10,900 potatoes, 21,700 marigolds, 9,800 tulips and 4,900 lilies for a reduction of growth time of 30 minutes on your red currants.

Quest 116:
The bet

If I manage to produce more water made of currants than my neighbor within two months, he has to dance on the next festival with everyone who requests. I absolutely want to win this bet because he hates dancing. Now I need a lot of ingredients to start the production.

Deliver 6,100 red currants, 630 orchids, 9,900 roses and 14,500 crocuses for 48,700 points.

Quest 117:
Green Valley needs new shovels

In Green Valley shovels have become more scarce bit by bit and the local suppliers are in shortage of stock. That is why we will have to import the equipment from abroad. The suppliers prefer fruits and vegetables to money as compensation for their shovels. If you could manage to provide them with the required goods, you will get some of their latest, state-of-the-art shovels. With those the lavender cultivation can be handled much faster.

Deliver 1,700 grapes, 272,200 cucumbers, 5,200 peppers and 610 plums for a reduction of growth time of 30 minutes on your lavender.

Quest 118:
Green Moon!

Due to the negative publicity in the last two months, the space organisation GASA (Green Aeronautics and Space Administration) wants to improve its image and, therefore, has launched a new program. The goal is to start with the first attempts to cultivate various plants on the moon.

Deliver 4,900 lilies, 590 lavender, 870 lemons and 492,000 heads of lettuce for 55,100 points.

Quest 119:

Hi… *hicc* we are *hicc* workers of the local *hicc* cough medicine factory which produces medicine for hiccups *hicc*. Our last *hicc* product was a huge success and now we need more ingredients to keep on producing that *hicc* stuff. Could you please help us out? For your help we will give you a sample of that product for free *hicc*.

Deliver 5,000 eggplants, 780 mirabelles, 9,800 broccoli and 570 olives for a reduction of growth time of 30 minutes on apples.

Quest 120:
A visitor from abroad

Have you heard? A Scandinavian prince is going to visit our lovely town. And he would probably also like to try our regional cuisine. He is particularly looking forward to our famous asparagus with apple and walnut sauce…

Deliver 1,380 apples, 630 walnuts, 17,800 crocuses and 5,500 asparagus for 60,000 points.

Quest 121
Theme Park

Soon, a new theme park will be opened. However, the operators still need a few things. Tomatoes seem to be especially important to them. I think they're going to use them as projectiles which will be thrown on the clowns…

Deliver 5,800 lilies, 1,500 blackberries, 92,400 tomatoes and 1,400 mushrooms for a reduction of growth time of 15 minutes on tulips.'

Quest 122:
Innovative products

Good afternoon! I am just about to build up my new company, but I am still looking for a supplier of raw material. We have a brilliant new business idea: We are planning to produce flowers with absolutely new smells, for example, orchids with cauliflower aroma and tulips with courgette smell. If the products will be a huge success on the market, you will receive long-term orders from me in the future…

Deliver 500 oranges, 12,100 cauliflowers, 800 orchids and 11,500 tulips for 64,300 points.

Quest 123:
Staff outing

The gardeners' society has come up with something quite special for this year's staff outing: We will go to a field and plant some vegetables and a few flowers on it. That. Don't you think that's a nice change from what we generally do? The only thing we need to start the trip is seedlings.

Deliver 187,000 radishes, 21,700 cornflowers, 500 olive-trees and 600 lavender for a reduction of growth time of 30 minutes on pumpkins.

Quest 124:
Trade agreement

We have concluded a trade agreement with our distant twin town Indianatulips. They hope to grow some of our native plants on their fields and now need some seedlings.

Deliver 4,900 lemons, 12,600 roses, 24,500 marigolds and 1,900 pumpkins for 61,800 points.

Quest 125:
At the construction site

In the adjacent valley, a new dam is to be built in record time. In order to do this, the constructor has hired a lot of workers. However, each worker has to be supplied with sufficient food to guarantee an efficient work flow. Maybe you can send them the required goods.

Deliver 9,000 garlic, 766,000 carrots, 2,600 red cabbages and 15,300 gerberas for a reduction of growth time of 30 minutes on plums.

Quest 126:

Good afternoon! I am a representative of the municipal control service
We regularly check the quality of plants grown in Green Valley and inspect the conditions of cultivation. In cases of inexpert cultivation the farmers will be faced with fines. Particularly good plantations will be awarded. May I have a few samples of your products so that I can examine them?

Deliver 1,200 cherries, 11,500 broccoli, 21,500 crocuses and 800 plums for 72,300 points.

Quest 127:
Creative kids

The children in our kindergarten want to make their parents happy
They want to present them with t-shirts which they have printed with stamps made of potatoes and additionally make necklaces of flowers and nuts. Can you provide us with the required materials, so the children can start designing their t-shirts and necklaces?

Deliver 13,700 potatoes, 1,500 mushrooms, 16,400 gerberas and 700 walnuts for a reduction of growth time of 30 minutes on eggplants.

Quest 128:

To welcome our national gardeners' team with a sumptuous banquet, the chefs of the hotel "Raspberry Inn" need a few more ingredients. The goods are expected to be of high quality. After all, we want to welcome our heroes who came in second in the international carrot eating contest.

Deliver 1,100 lemons, 5,600 eggplants, 354,000 cucumbers and 5,400 raspberries for 8 palm trees.

Quest 129:

The old airport in Green Valley needs a new tower. However, on account of the height, the shell of the tower has to be strengthened with asparagus poles and sealed with a paste made of currants. For an attractive appearance of the airport the facade will be decorated with flowers, best of all with sunflowers and marigolds…

Deliver 8,800 red currants, 33,600 sunflowers, 6,500 asparagus and 500 oranges for 70,600 points.

Quest 130:
The neighbour

Yesterday my impertinent neighbour wanted to make me jealous and shamelessly claimed his garden is prettier than mine. Well, I'll show him that he is dead wrong. I will create a much nicer garden than he has! Now I need from you some of your seedlings. In return I would leave you my palms. They wont match my new garden-design, anyway.

Deliver 6,500 lilies, 900 mirabelles, 2,300 grapes and 27,200 cornflowers for 8 palm trees.

Quest 131:
"Green, greener, Green Valley"

The mayor has decided that our town should become even greener. Therefore, within the scope of the project "Green, greener, Green Valley", new flowerbeds are planned to be put up around the whole town. Since planting exclusively flowers would be kind of dull, he wants to add some vegetables to them in order to create an interesting composition of various plants. In his opinion it will immediately make a much healthier impression on our visitors…

Deliver 800 walnuts, 1,000 orchids, 15,200 cauliflowers and 14,300 tulips for a reduction of growth period of raspberries of 30 minutes.

Quest 132:
Cooking competition

The well-known star chef Jaimie Gulliver is organizing his annual cooking competition, this time in Green Valley. The producers still need some ingredients for the participants, because the truck driver who was responsible for the delivery of the goods got lost on his way to our town.

Deliver 859,000 carrots, 1,100 cacao, 117,000 strawberries and 5,700 raspberries for 8 palm trees.

Quest 133:
Ice cream

The local ice-cream parlour has run out of ice cream after the people got hooked on the new kind of ice cream "garlic-red cabbage". Maybe you can deliver the supplies, so that the children can soon again enjoy their favourite ice cream.

Deliver 12,100 garlic, 900 lavender, 12,300 blueberries and 3,400 red cabbages for 86,700 points.

Quest 134:
Alternative energy

We are looking for an ecological way to produce energy. We need raw material in order to produce bio gas. In contrast to other bio gas manufacturers we want to use fresh plants instead of waste products, to guarantee healthy emissions.

Deliver 764,000 heads of lettuce, 17,500 roses, 278,000 radishes and 6,800 lemonsl for 9 palm trees.

Quest 135:

Have you ever heard of the mythical sunken city Gnometlantis? An expedition leader states that he can lead us there if we pay him enough. Don't you think it's worth a try?';

Deliver 1,400 pears, 33,700 cornflowers, 900 walnuts and 21,400 gerberas for a reduction of growth time of 30 minutes on your olive-trees.

Quest 136:
Gnomes Without Borders

The organization "Gnomes Without Borders" wants to start a benefit project in poor countries in order to improve the economical situation there. Now they are looking for donors who are willing to participate in the project. In return for this they want to import palm trees and give them away to the donors.

Deliver 5,400 zucchinis, 2,000 blackberries, 800 olive-trees and 119,000 tomatoes for 9 palm trees.

Quest 137:
War on algae

The municipal park pond is supposed to be cleaned of algae. According to the latest scientific researches a combination of spinach, marigolds, crocuses and red cabbage has turned out to be the ideal pesticide. Now the town needs larger amounts of those plants in order to produce the desired concoction.

Deliver 1,900 mushrooms, 33,500 marigolds, 25,200 crocuses and 3,400 red cabbages for 84,500 points.

Quest 138:
Party in Leaflettington

The inhabitants of Leaflettington have a special tradition. Every year they get together and hold a party to honour the town's founding fathers. They toss bucket loads of flowers on the streets and organise a feast for all inhabitants afterwards. For this year's party they still need flowers and the ingredients for the food.

Deliver 18,300 potatoes, 299,000 radishes, 1,400 pears and 16,500 tulips for 10 palm trees.

Quest 139:
New Year's Eve

Only a few days to go till New Year's Eve! Or at least the production of fireworks is starting to roll again. Very special fireworks are going to be sold on the Green Valley Market, called fruit firecrackers. In order to get the production going, we still need plants that can be used as shells. Can you help us?

Deliver 7,700 eggplants, 1,000 lavender, 3,000 pumpkins and 156,000 strawberries for a reduction of growth time of 30 minutes on orchids.

Quest 140:
Wedding cake

Famous actress Lindsay Lavender is going to get married, and a huge cake has to be baked, large enough for all guests to enjoy it. As soon as we have found the right ingredients, all we need is a baking pan that is large enough…

Deliver 8,000 lilies, 2,900 grapes, 1,062,000 carrots and 1,000 plums for 10 palm trees.

Quest 141:

The well-known home centre WUKEA plans, following the latest trends, a new furniture collection in vegetable style and still needs some material for manufacturing the products.

Deliver 15,200 broccoli, 45,400 sunflowers, 3,800 red cabbages and 18,000 cauliflowers for 95,400 points.

Quest 142:

We would like to create a new perfume which is going to be named after our home: Green Valley de toilette. It should have quite a special aroma. What would you prefer? Lavender/pumpkin or paprika/orchid? Or let's just try both combinations!

Deliver 1,100 lavender, 1,300 orchids, 3,100 pumpkins and 9,800 peppers for 11 palm trees.

Quest 143:

A large pack of moles is on its way here. We desperately need to deflect them from our valley. Maybe we can lure them into the neighbouring valley by creating a track made of vegetables?

Deliver 18,300 potatoes, 34,700 cornflowers, 7,400 lemons and 22,000 gerberas for a reduction of growth time of 30 minutes on your asparagus.

Quest 144:
'Pest control';

'Do you remember the pests we had last year? A company is working on an agent against vermin. However, they need a few plants on which the agent will be tested. Are you interested in helping the company test their new miracle product?';

Deliver 35,800 spinach, 21,500 roses, 50,200 sunflowers and 1,000 olives for 11 palm trees.

Quest 145:
Planting contest

Little time is left until the start of the annual national single-handed speed planting contest. Proper seedlings for the participants are still required. The quality of the seedlings has to be consistently high, otherwise it will not be a fair competition.

Deliver 1,600 lemons, 896,000 heads of lettuce, 2,300 apples and 9,200 asparagus for 100,000 points.

Quest 146:
Frozen foods

Berryfrost, a well-known known manufacturer of frozen foods is looking for a supplier for their new fruit mixture which will be introduced to the market soon.

Deliver 1,600 pears, 1,300 mirabelles, 14,500 blueberries and 2,200 mushrooms for 12 palm trees.

Quest 147:
Relief for Tree Valley

Rats have pitched into the stocks of the neighbouring valley and now the inhabitants are threatened by famine. The mayor of Green Valley has therefore encouraged our people to start a large-scale relief operation.

Deliver 6,900 zucchinis, 700 oranges, 345,000 radishes and 1,265,000 carrots for a reduction of growth time of 30 minutes on your cherries.

Quest 148:
Granny's salad

Grandma Ethel would like make her exquisite salad known even beyond the borders of Green Valley. in order to do so, she has announced a world record attempt for the largest amount of home-made salad and now she needs the ingredients for her attempt.

Deliver 172,000 strawberries, 8,500 eggplants, 1,700 cacao and 1,800 cherries for 12 palm trees.


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