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Post  Stone on Tue May 03, 2011 8:22 am

I've created a tool that will make you cry yourself to sleep.

The all new Quest calculator calculates how many trees, flowers and vegetables you still need to grow till you're done with your cactus quests and regular quests (up to nr 106).

You can set your personal progress and the calculator will ignore quests you've already done.
This tool doesn't store your personal data on the server so your browser will have to accept cookies!

You can also see a full list of quests and requirements if you so desire.

The quest requirements tracked are only things you can grow and gB donations, donations for Sitting Area's, Footpath 4 etc aren't tracked.
Also shown are point and gB rewards you can look forward to.

You can also use the tool to "manipulate" your progress.

For example: you can set all cactus quests to completed if you don't want to see those requirements in your personal overview.
Or you can set the normal quests to completed so you can see what you need to grow for your remaining cactus quests.
Or you can set every questline to completed except Echino quests to see how many of what you will still need to grow.


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