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Sarakirki's stories waiting editing

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The protagonists
[Πράσινο] Dimitra [/ green]is the plowed land, fertile. It is the source of immortal life, is a goddess of peace with kindness and care. It is also a goddess that if no control rages so much that the gods are afraid from her.
Protected the grain, plowing, harvesting, and in general all the operations linked to the land. The name (Di mitra) comes from Dimitir di + mitir, which means
earth +mother . (mitir = μήτηρ = mother)
Persephone means that carrying the murder that brings destruction.
Hades, called the underworld, . Hades would say probably invisible, unlike the sun is visible.

This myth reflects the power of change. Because people will not be able to experience the changes of seasons if you do not mourn. Only then will become the past. And the past is an integral part of the world.
The myth of Demeter and Persephone (daughter of Demeter and Zeus)
H Persephone was playing in a beautiful green area, when he saw a beautiful narcissi and wanted to quit. Then came Pluto (the god of the underworld that was later called Hades) and stole her, after he had taken the consent of Zeus.
Demeter searched in vain to find it. One day he spoke with the Sun King, who explained to her what had happened, and this despite having very angry with Zeus, which allowed the abduction of their daughter. Rather than return to Mount Olympus(home of the gods), was transformed into a old woman and began to wander the cities.
So arrived in Eleusis (Greek island near Athens) requested build a temple beneath theAcropolis. He retired to the temple then, cut off all contact with the world and all dayweeping about the loss of her daughter until the land ceases to sprout and peoplethreatened with extinction worldwide.
Seeing this, Zeus sent Hermes (the messenger of the gods), Hades asking him toallow the rise of Persephone to Demeter calm.
Hades sent after the first gave her to eat pomegranate fruit (the fruit is dead, eventoday at the end of a funeral distribute wheat with pomegranate, raisins – we colled it koliva -κόλυβα) to ensure the return of Persephone.
Persephone met her mother at Eleusis. Dimitra soon realized that her daughter ate the pomegranate, realized that can not last forever with her.
The solution gave Rhea (mother of Zeus, Hades and Dimitra) through which the compromise was made between gods and agreed that Persephone would spend the1 / 3 of the time with her husband Hades and 2 / 3 in Olympus with her mother.
So convinced, and Demeter to return to Olympus and just came out of the temple was closed, the land flourished. So when Persephone is out on the earth, nature throughout, very pleased. The trees are blooming, the leaves come out again .. When she is whith Hades, the nature is very sorry. The trees remain bare, leafless ...So were the four seasons...?
When Persephone come from netherworld we have spring, summer and autumn ... When she get back to Hades Winter is coming ..

5 The story of Tsiknopempti "Pancake Day"! Tsikna means the smoke coming from the meat when cooked in the grill or coals. With the smell – smoke the ancient Greek thanked gods and with meat thanked their bellies (see was more cunning than the gods) and the pempti is Thursday

6The Pancake Day is Thursday the second week of Triodion for this year's Carnival, to celebrate today February 24. People are preparing for the great fast of Lent and thisThursday freely consume large quantities of meat.
The reason it has taken place this Thursday, is that the Orthodox faith is considered important fasting Wednesday and Friday, so was the choice of intermediate days.
The name "Pancake Day" arose because the day is dinner consists of grilled meat, which must always have that little fat during cooking to draw the necessary "smell".Even the poorest people of each region should cook meat to smell their house and we all know that day!
Previously the Greek province of people share dishes with meat tsiknismenothroughout the neighborhood to send the smell of roast at each end of the village.
Along with Pancake Day has been established and the pagan tradition of masqueradesupposedly drives the evil spirits of winter and thus helps to ensure a successful harvest.

before and now

Body A few years ago if you did walk in Greece in every neighborhood, every path will smell roast meat. If someone want to celebrate this day to make a reservation early for a place ina tavern. This year is not so.
Many people question the economic squeeze confined to their homes even roasting a sausage and drunk a glass of wine or Retsina why you see the enthusiasm of the Greek man hardly lost. .

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