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Post  numptyz on Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:54 pm

Dear Garden Gnomes,

this is going to be a splendid winter! The days are getting shorter, the nights are longer - what a great time for a few marvellous game-updates!

The Greenhouse

Tired of outdoor-gardening? Then enjoy a cosy winter-time indoors in your brand-new Greenhouse!

Cross-breed 4 different kinds of cacti, and plant the results in your garden. On harvesting them, they will bring you more points than your run-of-the-mill standard plant, and you will be able to exchange them for great bonuses at the Collector of Rarities. Additionally, there is an entirely new, second series of quest all revolving entirely around cacti.

The Collector of Rarities

The Collector of Rarities is opening his shop in Hedgerow Ville. Would you like additional points on your yield? Or would you rather exchange your currently activated plant-researches? In exchange for your cacti, you will find these and many other interesting bonuses here. These bonuses will remain active for 8 weeks after having been purchased. Should you have run out of seeds, you can buy new ones at the Collector's as well - but only, if you have at least completed 10 quests of the desired cactus-breed.

New products and levels

Starting now, you will be able to plant mushrooms, basil, oranges and cocoa. As new levels, we have added the Quest King in the guild-house and the Super Emperor as highest level.

Additional Helpers & Changes

Rid your garden of weeds, rocks and tree stumps at one go, with the new weed-whacker. Are products clogging your shelves, and you want to get rid of them right now, without having to sell them first? Then throw them into the garbage can now (but be careful, once they are trashed, they are gone).

Yes, there are changes to the guild-house as well. You will be able to see the amount of palm-trees your guild has sent in during the past 7 days. And since cacti do need quite a bit of space, you will be able to activate a third shelf with quest 70!

Updated displays

When checking out your customers' shopping lists, you won't have to open and close each single one of the now, but click through all of the shopping-lists at one go. Additionally, the statistics in the shop have been updated. Premium-users now also have a a button, that allows them to navigate to each of their gardens with just one click. An automated message will inform you 3 days before your premium account runs out, so you can't miss renewing it.

A New Wonder of the World

This Wonder of the World, with the fancy name of Fly Agaricville, works a little differently than the Palm-Tree-Garden. Here, as with the first Wonder of the World, you will here plant mycelium and harvest fly agarics, which you will then send in to the Construction Site of the Wonder of the World. Of course, you can also purchase the fly agarics directly from the farm in Green Valley, and send them in via the guild-house.

Both Wonders of the World can be started and run at the same time. It is also possible to exchange palm-trees for fly agarics, which might come in especially handy for those with leftover palm-trees/fly agarics on their shelves.

Further info? Please visit the Forum!

For detailed information on all the changes and a few great images, please make sure to check out the announcement in the Forum! All important additions are of course also described in the in-game-help!

Display problems after the update?

In case you are having trouble seeing the new images, please log out, clear your browser's cache, and log back in. You should then be able to see the game perfectly, without any problems. Please also make sure to download a new GFX-pack, if you are currently using one.

And now we would like to wish you lots of fun with this lovely game-update!

Your upjers-team

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